The Extraterrestrial Elephant


You’ve been teased several times earlier about pink elephants on your twitter timeline, haven’t you? In fact, I’ve been receiving some comments from friends asking if I’m okay….!

That’s because… do you know? Pink elephant is apparently an euphemism for drunken hallucinations…! I swear we did not plan for this but keke, this seems to suit my two unnies very well; both would love a good drink anytime, any day!

So anyway, because of this, some of my friends have been asking if I’m having hallucinations, even a friend as far away in Japan, who told me that is what her uncle used to say sometimes when he’s drunk (Yes…! That he is seeing Pink Elephants..!)

Anyway, my purpose here today isn’t to talk about drunken hallucinations…keke!

I supposed some of you have been trying to guess (or have already guessed?) who exactly are the pink elephants. One of the happy gals here, BB, has in fact revealed that 3 of these elephants are the three of us on her twitter account HERE!

So the big question is, who are the other 4 mysterious pink elephants?

Here I am, about to give all of you certain hints and clues about one of the pink elephants…!

The hints and clues

#1 This particular elephant has plenty of scars all over his body, yet none of these scars have diminish his exuding charisma in any way…. quite on the contrary, they’ve made our elephant hotter and more appealing somehow (haven’t they!? You’ll find out soon…!)

#2 Even though our site name is called 7 pink elephants, this particular elephant will probably drown himself than decking out in pink outside. (He prefers to be in full black most of the time actually, but we no care! Pink is here to stay.)

#3 Our elephant here is one tough one when we want to try waking him up in the morning…! It. Just. Refused. To. Wake.

#4 Unique nekkid habits during bedtime…! #^.^#

#5 I know elephants are known to have ultra rough and bristly skin (I should know! I’ve sat on one before… in the zoo! What were you thinking?), but this one here would have beaten the rest of the poor, rough-skinned elephants out there, hands down!

#6 Really, number six is here purely because it’s number six.


So….? Any good guesses? Stay tuned for more upcoming hints about the other pink elephants!

Anyway, since I can’t show any photos yet of this elephant, I shall instead show you his….. slippers!

Until then, I shall be off to play with my our elephant …..


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12 Responses to The Extraterrestrial Elephant

  1. nesta says:

    i think this pink elephant is KHJ kekeek…
    waiting to next hint.
    thank you, funny post

  2. @saz33na says:

    Hint pointing to one and only one Kim Hyun Joong …

    #1 we all know that he got scars on his body and we barely care coz we all are mesmerised by his charms
    #2 let go n check all the fan cams in YT n then u will ultimately say aah is def him
    #3 this person claims himself that no one can act that natural n the best other than him.. remember where he said so?? if no check out the behind the scenes and interviews of PK… Or the best of the best example is watch TFRMU u will get the ans
    #4 “I have to sleep with no clothes on coz i get nightmares if i dont take them off” … isnt it obvious keke
    #5 to be honest i have no idea on this but still acc to my assumption, he loves to play guitar and also want to perform live as bass guitarist and normally those who play guitar they have a rough skin …
    #6 6 is juss 6 coz it is because of 06/06

    So this one is definitely and certainly Kim Hyun Joong!

  3. may says:


  4. LadyInPink says:

    …among the three i like you most -wonderrrgirl

  5. rucci87 says:

    kim hyun joong! lol

  6. LoveJYJ says:

    4 pink Elephants…BB unnie love Top, Yen unnie love Micky and you love JaeJong?
    together with Kim Hyun Joong. 4 best friends and flower boys love drinks.
    So you will also write for JaeJong? Looking forward to it

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  8. Vee says:

    Hmmmm this is the hardest kkkkkkkkkk
    Can i ask for more clues? Kkkkkkkk can this elly kick any balls? Kkkkkkk

    Ok ok. Its hj of course.

  9. nanet says:

    The scars, sleeping naked, the all black attire, the #6, the smooth skin….It’s gotta be wuri Hyun joong.. He’s the only one I follow so I’d like to think I know him by now, at least the obvious things about him. :D

  10. LittleMissObtuse says:

    Oh! This is my loves! Kim Hyun Joong!!!!

  11. aussiebabe says:

    Yawwn .

    If this is the kind of exam I’d get in school I most probably graduate summa cum.

    Its yawwwn .Hohum . The Yawning King who else .

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