The Genius Elephant

It’s my turn to throw in the next elephant to the ring side. I don’t know much about him really, I’m so lazy at searching but from now on I will do my best to get to know him better. “I must! I must!”

7 things I like (and hints) about this elephant:

  1. he doesn’t have a breast the size of a 12-year old girl like that other elephant (nyahahaha!). He may not have those chocolate abs ‘coz he said he’s lazy to go to the gym but that’s the type I like – makes him more huggable.
  2. the baritone voice – don’t you wanna listen to it while in bed?
  3. his long eyelashes – he said he likes them too. There’s another part of him that I like, but saying it now is a dead give-away.
  4. the way he makes use of his long and slender fingers (keep your head out of the gutter me dear) – he is just pure genius when it comes to music
  5. he doesn’t mind dating a noona! (raises my arm while jumping) as for the current girlfriend, I have already use my hair dryer to blow her to smithereens
  6. he has a love affair with food – I find it sexy watching him eat
  7. one word: English

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13 Responses to The Genius Elephant

  1. jacinthoriya says:

    Song Seung Hun?
    that’s the only guy i can think of his long eye lashes.

  2. may says:


  3. rucci87 says:

    ermm.. Park Jung Min..
    but one of the clues doesn’t really show it’s him..
    errr ?_?

  4. cuithil says:

    (I’m trusting to Wiki for the correct Hangul characters. ^o^)

  5. Stephanie says:

    I guess it’s Micky Yoochun from JYJ/TVXQ? o.o

  6. mwiu says:

    The End!

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  8. Vee says:

    Hey baby u’re so fine~ u’re so fine~ hey elly! Hey elly! ;p

    Micky nae, unnie?^^

  9. @saz33na says:

    I actually wanter to reply yest but delayed…

    Anyway… I almost got tricked by the hints but I stick with my decision so I think it’s Yoochun (Mickey) from JYJ…

    My analysis from the hints :

    #1 He is lazy for sure … he is not juss lazy to exercise but also lazy to take care of his skin too … Watch DBSK dong An Club, he did mention about it

    #2 Have you all heard I love you by Yoochun?? If no dig it up n you will know

    #3 here you go:

    # 4 This is where i almost got tricked n re thought on every hints and almost changed my answer keke … If only unnie had mentioned about composing then i would be firm with my answer but anyway as we all know Yoochun is juss awesome when it comes to music esp with melodies

    #5 About this one i have no idea as i havent search info regarding this nor seen any vid on which he mentioned about it.

    #6 watch this now tell me isnt it obvious keke

    #7 We all know that is is good at English right? Although he was born in Korea he lived in Virginia n did his middle and high school … If i am not wrong

    so my answer is Yoochun from JYJ

  10. rucci87 says:

    ohh it’s Micky Yoochun..kkkk

  11. aussiebabe says:

    My problem is I was too stuck to one guy…now i know I shoulda diversify .Okee I pass this one .

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