Small diversion from elephants to trolls

Well, the title speaks for itself.

We’ve been having fun with our elephants and also having fun reading the guesses from some of the readers who commented. Some are positively putting in a lot of effort to guess who they are, and penning it down as well, something which we all really appreciate, so thanks ^^

However the same can’t be said for all, I guess. Some of you might have noticed a spammer who goes by the name of LadyinPink who have been leaving multiple comments (Goodness, don’t wherever you come from teach you how to combine things together into one?) in a desperate attempt to put us down.

And yeah, I know what color Pink is, but I insist on banishing her to the ugly dull mud color instead.

Seriously, I have a hard time understanding what LadyinPink is trying to get at. Sigh… must be my lousy and totally horrible Engrish!

Or perhaps it’s just became none of us are capable of speaking troll.

This gal who apparently believes she’s a ladee-in-pinky has been a huge STALKER of BB for years I believe…? She apparently managed to crawl her way over here thinking she’s fit to join in with our handsome pink elephants…!

I’ve consulted our pink elephants and I’m pleased to say (*beams*) they’ve all snorted out loud with their trunks and are all ready to stomp her flat if she ever comes in again.

Not that she’ll mind, I guess? She’s an anti-fan of BB afterall. Do you guys know that only popular people are capable of gathering Anti-fans in Korea? ^^

And seems like yesterday, she declared her liking for…. me! *gasps!*

I appreciate that you like wonderrrgirl (me) the most, but unfortunately I don’t like Trolls-in-Pink. How? :(

And are you reallllllllyyyyyy sure you’re ladyinpink?
You mean you wear something like this when you’re out on the streets? ^^

Anyway, I hope the fact that I’ve dedicated an entire post to you will fulfill your hungry desires for attention from all of us, dear TrollinPink.

And may I add that you are really free to reply in the language you’re most comfortable in – Chinese/mandarin/中文 instead of English Engrish? We will probably have a better time understanding your insults. And no worries about Yen, both BB and I are capable of translations.

YEAH, just in case you can’t read between the lines, WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM. *insert horror movie music here*

Oh the wonderrrs of technology…. So this is really another message to anyone who has no life and are looking for people to throw meaningless insults anonymously; it’s possible to find out who you are. ^^

Have a good day, everyone!

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8 Responses to Small diversion from elephants to trolls

  1. LadyInPink says:

    Thank you! for all the kind words you said to me. Corrections me a STALKER of BB ??? you better watch out ask her, may she is mad at me i decline ordering from her shop-quilted-overnight-bags/ and asking her 2359 stand for, but BB reply : Was busy, so didn’t reply yet.
    But I was intrigued that you found the 2359 interesting enough to ask me what it stands for, so I was thinking to blog about it soon ^^
    Anyway, wait for that post to know what 2359 is all about, ya? UNTIL NOW NO ANSWER … MAY IT’S HER DATE BIRTH/YEAR BIRTH just a guess ???

  2. LadyInPink says:

    …you look nice and innocent but in reverse you look like a muddy elephant with two trunks not friendly anymore :(

    • LittleMissObtuse says:

      Oh! Pleaze be not like that. They are nice. BB is nice one person.
      I also do not known this wondergirl. Maybe she is just busy in her works. I thinks shes a working woman like BB. They are all my eonnies ??? Let us be friends all here. We like same people right??? I love Kim Hyun Joong!

  3. LadyInPink says:

    …have fun thinking of HJ’s official fan club name go ahead hope you win:(

  4. Blackwitch says:

    Usually i prefer to read and no comments,because sometimes i tend to overdo it. Somehow or rather.. but to this particular “LIP”.. Ah i think it’s a nice shortcut for your ID.. Not “LIP” in the nice sexy way but the ugly and pouting kind and pehapes a serious in need of surgery? (Do u need one? i can recommend ya a good doctor!! But it cant fix foul mouth if you refuse to take good care of yourself~). How does one come up with an formula of (*Not ordering from one’s blog = stalker), i cant seem to find anything in relating to this formula. Okie, it seems like someone come up and decide for herself, maybe a himself? I dunno… Maybe the ladies here can share with me who this LIP is? Ha~~ Witch fly pass~~

  5. Blackwitch says:

    Oopsie… i better clarify.. i mean no one’s gonna call you a stalker just bcos u refuse to order something from them or if they’re mad at ya… there’s just a simple reason.. bcos you’re one!! Ha~~ don’t attempt to find excuses, please…

    ~~ Witch fly pass~~

  6. LadyInPink says:

    more more to come…….
    Ha~super direct=cool RT @baebb xtra, xtra, (rude one too!) troll on the prowl…! check out
    .@iamblackwitch tt troll-in-pink is getting on my nerves. was gonna ignore her as trolls are meant to be ignored, but shez begging for some.
    .@iamblackwitch she dares chase OUR readers out from OUR blog?! first in last out…? then we’re first in and she’s getting out.
    ridiculous gal asking ppl to go out when it the first place she shouldn’t even come in? -.-
    she’s not a gal, she’s a troll, a very dense one too >.< @Yen4KHJ

  7. LadyInPink says:

    ….i have to go April Fools stop here, hope everyone are happy. I’m nice too!!! Congrats! more readers to come here …. bye bye !!!

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