The B-type Elephant

ahhh… i’m late, i’m late…!! my two pink elly partners have spoken and i still haven’t posted anything *guilty face*

okie, first things first. QUIZ TIME! or if you like, we can call this a recap to check if you’ve actually learnt something from reading the earlier posts.

Q: are there such things are pink elephants?

A: save for the rather rare and unusual cases of albino elephants (yea, these have pinkish skin… or do they call ’em hide…?), there’s no such thing as pink elephants. instead, ‘seeing pink elephants’ is typically used to describe a situation whereby someone sees something that’s not actually there in reality, but exists only in their own imagination.

and… more often than not, this condition is associated with someone being so drunk and intoxicated that he’s hallucinating that he’s ‘seeing pink elephants’.

Q: so why are you called pink elephants?

A: well, for one, they’re cute!!

secondly, at least two-thirds of the three-happy-gals’ team like their (hic!) alcohol! and out of the four gorgeous korean men we’re gonna be waxing lyrical and drooling over on this blog, all FOUR like to drink too! so yea, they’re probably seeing lotsa pink elephants, including one another… which makes them all pink elephants too, keke!

thirdly, due to the predictably irreverent posting that will take place here, we’ll like to put in a disclaimer that all posts are possibly done under the (hic!) ‘pink elephants syndrome’!

and fifthly fourthly filthy fifthly (hic!), we’re gonna be ruling this place with lotsa attitooooooood and ain’t gonna be apologetic or anything boring like that, so be careful coz it’s gonna be no holds barred here!!

oh, all readers are strongly encouraged to come read stuff here with a pinch of (hic!) lychee martini!

Q: why are there SEVEN pink elephants?

sighs… did you read THIS?

there are THREE bloggers and there are FOUR boys involved… so 3 + 4 = 7.

someone messed up (or did she just get drunk…?) and commented incoherently about the number of pink elephants and something else. me suggest that she go acquire some counting and reading comprehension. (or should i be telling her to improve on her alcohol tolerance, keke!) anyway, from the sound of things, she’s gonna be needing quite some years to brush up, an she can come back in, say, another seven years’ time to check if we’re still here.

and oh, while i’m at it, let it be said we’ve only one general COMMENT POLICY.

alrighty, now that the boring admin stuff’s outta the way, let me get down to some real blogging, YAY!

WONDERRRGIRL has given you clues on THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ELEPHANT, YEN has given you clues on THE GENIUS ELEPHANT, and my turn is to blog about the B-TYPE ELLY!

did you watch the korean movie MY BOYFRIEND IS TYPE B? yea, the koreans (and japanese too, for that matter) believe quite abit on how a person’s blood type may determine his character and behaviour.

i’ve long been fascinated by this topic and personally, am quite a big believer of YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLEED. you can read more of my ‘bloody’ ramblings HERE, HERE and HERE.

this third pink (korean!) elephant that i’m supposed to be giving you hints about is a BLOOD TYPE B…!! in fact, he has been described by quite a few people as being a whole lot more B-type than the average B-type peeps, haha!

anyway, here are some hints that may give you a clue of who he is (hic!)


I do not like to go out much even when I’m free.

I want to live going with the flow. Being free is the first element that makes me me.

My ideal image of a man… is that a man should be elegant and have a sense of adventure. I want to live freely without being bound to something.

Actually my real self is more of a thinker, worrying about lots of things and careful about things like that.

I think everything of a man is made by our habits. I’m always thinking about this all the time that we design our lives by ourselves, right? I want to be a person who is better than what I was yesterday, a person who is not embarrassed when reflecting or looking back.


This is what we are made of. Who are you to snub?

I prefer to create what the audience can sympathize with, yet leave out a certain amount of my thoughts so that everyone can think their individual thoughts. And more than anything, it’s important that my work comes across as sincere.

People often like to talk about how much effort and time they’ve spent preparing or working very hard on something. I do not like to show others the hard work behind the scene; instead, I want to show only with results.


I love women in high heels.

When I fall in love, I’ll be so into it… to the point of losing all reason.

My ideal distance between me and my sweetheart… Hmmm, it depends on who I am dating. We are both independent individuals and should leave a certain amount of distance between us. This is my ideal type of relationship.

My first kiss was in 7th grade near the Han River. It was a slight kiss on the lips and I did it coz I wanted to.


Person A: My first impression of him was that he has the frankness of a man, and I still think he is a surprisingly mischievous person.

Person B: You’re (surprisingly) feminine and delicate in your thoughts.


He drinks and enjoys wine. He will sometimes drink with his friends or he may drink alone at home too. His limit or limit is one bottle for whiskey, and three to four bottles for wine. As for soju, it has been rumoured that he can tolerate up to seven bottles! He mostly gets quiet and emotional when drunk.

He has (hidden!) abs…!!

He used to sleepwalk when he was young.

He writes poems. (*bb: whoa…!! he actually writes poems!!)

He doesn’t have any peculiar sleeping habits, except that he likes to wear quite a few layers and/or wrap his hoodie around him really tightly when he sleeps.

When asked about the weirdest or most embarrassing gifts he’s ever received from Japanese fans. This pink elephant had said, “I received an underwear that had an elephant trunk dangling off it! I didn’t know what to do… Whether I wore it or not is a secret.”

well well well, that’s a whole looooong list of clues, ya?

know what? as i was typing those out, it felt as though i was typing about myself!! yea, me a B-type too, and aigoo, this pink elly is jinjja jinjja jinjja similar to what i’m like! what’s even more strange is that we even have the same two favourite colours…!!

yea, if we were really elephants, he and i seem to belong to the same (PINK!) type, keke!

so now, can you guess who this B-type pink elephant is? *winks

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10 Responses to The B-type Elephant

  1. Vee says:

    Yes oh yes! Look at the top!:p

  2. yen4khj says:

    I don’t want to shock our readers right off the bat, but I think I know what that elephant underwear looks like. So I’d put it here at the comments section. Pwahahahaha!

    • nanet says:

      Hahahahaaaaaa!! Someone gave me the link to this blog as she said that when she saw this pic, the first person she thought of was me. This is totally insane!
      And the pink elly that the pink one is describing wears this kind of underwear? I don’t have a clue who the pink one is describing but I will check back to see who he is. I’d really be interested to know. Some say though it’s Top. I think I like him now. :D

  3. @saz33na says:

    This gotta be TOP aint it?? dont know much about him much except he loves to drink and buddy of Kim Hyun Joong… And also seen him in variety saying he used to sleepwalk when he was young.

    SO i think it gotta be TOP.

  4. LadyInPink says:

    … i thought this site of your’s is wholesome and decent.

  5. aussiebabe says:

    Awwww, LadyInPink get outta here !

    I like this no-holds barred thingy here .

    • LadyInPink says:

      Awwww, aussiebabe get outta here LIFO (Last In First Out) !!!!

      • LittleMissObtuse says:

        Ladyinpink, why are you bad person one? Please do not fight TT
        This is a nice blog. If my eonnies are not happy anymore, what happen if they stop?

  6. LittleMissObtuse says:

    Yay!!!! I am old but… This is funny. I read BB likes TOP. I want to know this TOP. Hahahaha! This all is very nice.

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