[Random] How to Draw an Elly!

annyong peeps! (aigoo, almost type ‘annoying’, hee!)

have you been following our blog…? well, we’d blogged about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ELLY, the GENIUS ELLY, the B-TYPE ELLY and the KINKY ELLY… so which four fabulously smexy pink korean elephants are we yakking about?

some guesses that you guys have come up with are hyun joong, jae joong, junsu, yoochu, TOP, song seung hun, kim jae wook… did i miss out anyone….? hee, me likes how SAZEENA actually explains hint by hint and even goes so far as to dig out the ‘evidence‘…!!

so now, my dearest partners-in-pink-elephant-hide, what’s the next move…? are we gonna tell all soon, hehe!

meanwhile, the princess (yea, that’s me!! even the elephant kingdom needs one, hic!) wishes to show you how to draw an elephant, haha!

aigoo… what’s happened to tusks huh? wakakakaka…!

and did you see those eyelashes?!!

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3 Responses to [Random] How to Draw an Elly!

  1. @saz33na says:

    keke me getting curious if i am right or not n u still playing … i simply dont have any reasons and think that these pink elephants are none other than hyun joong, yoochun, JJ n TOP though i almost got tricked keke

  2. Juniestar says:

    How about the athletic elephant ?

  3. Juniestar says:

    Better yet a soccer playing elephant

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