Happy Pink Elephants


We are three gals who happen to like (hint hint!^^) peeps and things that are related to one another…! And yup, we’re usually quite a happy bunch too!


7 Pink Elephants is a place for us to write ultra long-winded entries with delicious peektures about whom or what we like.

(hint hint: we are part of the 7 pinky elephants…!
Which leaves you with four more pinky elephants to guess ^^ 누구? 누구? 누구? 누구?)


10 Responses to Happy Pink Elephants

  1. lisa says:

    its Junsu , Hyun Joong; Yoochun; and Top as pictured am i right? think i am.

  2. LadyInPink says:

    what can i say 7SEVEN NEVES it’s better than 7 PINK ELEPHANTS and sounds great don’t copy it…..because i’m just around anyway GOODLUCK!!!

    …i hope the 7 PINK ELEPHANTS are purely a man not the (one) other way around.

    …your silhouette only 4 pink man where’s the other 2 ???

  3. LadyInPink says:

    aRE ThE tHReE Of yOu lOOks sO bIG/FaT lIke aN ELepHAnT…hOPe NOT :(

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  5. LittleMissObtuse says:

    I read BB’s blogs long time ago and my friend give me this site becoz I like Kim Hyun Joong a lot!!!
    I’m so shy person that why I do not leave comment. I am afraid coz I have bad English. But this is made me curiuous. I want to know more Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!! Becoz I love him so much!!!!!
    I also don’t know about the 6 elephants? Are they really elephants? Hahaha!

    • Wonderrrgirl says:

      Hi, where are you from?
      I can understand your English and it’s fine if English isn’t your first language,
      In fact it’s nice to hear how you still comment despite being shy and all ^^

      Answers will be revealed soon regarding all your guesses ^_^ so keep them coming.

    • bb ♥ says:

      hihi LittleMissObtuse!

      you must really be quite shy… coz you said you’ve been reading my blog(s?!) for a long time, but your ID is not familiar to me…. so you’ve never left me a comment, have you? ^^

      nice that you’ve found your way here, and welcome welcome~

      the other six elephants? nay, of course, all seven ain’t really elephants. three of them are us, the bloggers and the other four are four cute korean boys!

      • LittleMissObtuse says:

        Wow! I am feeling so special coz BB and wondergirl replied to me!!!! Thanx. Thanx. Thanx. I am going to tell my other friendz that loves Kim Hyun Joong!!!!!

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