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Oh. My. TOP.

words fail me. mind you, this is not even the real thing! TOP is known for not showing skin, so how could this have been real, keke! bless the lord for photoshop, hee… but but but, is someone missing a … Continue reading

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[Random] How to Draw an Elly!

annyong peeps! (aigoo, almost type ‘annoying’, hee!) have you been following our blog…? well, we’d blogged about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ELLY, the GENIUS ELLY, the B-TYPE ELLY and the KINKY ELLY… so which four fabulously smexy pink korean elephants are we … Continue reading

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The B-type Elephant

ahhh… i’m late, i’m late…!! my two pink elly partners have spoken and i still haven’t posted anything *guilty face* okie, first things first. QUIZ TIME! or if you like, we can call this a recap to check if you’ve … Continue reading

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