The elephant that dares to fly

Have you ever seen a pink elephant? Can the photo below pass as such? But I think this one was Photoshopped like the silhouettes of the four namjas in the header. When they say one is “seeing pink elephants”, it meant you’re hallucinating due to pure drunkenness. Oh drinks! Since we are opening this place today, how about some celebration? Aigoo, but must go how to learn make this cocktail first.

So what is this new playground all about and why seven? Guess who are the four men. Hints: 4 (whekekeke), elephant, drinks… ah that’s too much already. The silhouettes were already dead give-aways. So the other 3 are those who will “gush” over the namjas? I dunno, I don’t gush over boys… I just drool. So can this be done? Is this place even possible – a place for four gobsmackingly handsome men? How about we wait until an elephant flies?

I saw a peanut stand, heard a rubber band,
I saw a needle that winked its eye.
But I think I will have seen everything
When I see an elephant fly.

Anyway, if you still don’t believe that there are pink elephants, go to Botswana and see if this elephant has grown.

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