Oh. My. TOP.

words fail me.

mind you, this is not even the real thing! TOP is known for not showing skin, so how could this have been real, keke! bless the lord for photoshop, hee… but but but, is someone missing a nipple huh?

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and, when accompanied with suggestive words like that…
*swallows* (i didn’t mean THAT, lol!)

reposted from TOP4EVA.TUMBLR

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[Random] How to Draw an Elly!

annyong peeps! (aigoo, almost type ‘annoying’, hee!)

have you been following our blog…? well, we’d blogged about the EXTRATERRESTRIAL ELLY, the GENIUS ELLY, the B-TYPE ELLY and the KINKY ELLY… so which four fabulously smexy pink korean elephants are we yakking about?

some guesses that you guys have come up with are hyun joong, jae joong, junsu, yoochu, TOP, song seung hun, kim jae wook… did i miss out anyone….? hee, me likes how SAZEENA actually explains hint by hint and even goes so far as to dig out the ‘evidence‘…!!

so now, my dearest partners-in-pink-elephant-hide, what’s the next move…? are we gonna tell all soon, hehe!

meanwhile, the princess (yea, that’s me!! even the elephant kingdom needs one, hic!) wishes to show you how to draw an elephant, haha!

aigoo… what’s happened to tusks huh? wakakakaka…!

and did you see those eyelashes?!!

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The Kinky Elephant

I know we’ve delayed our very last elephant, the kinky one, to the very end. That’s really because this particular one has way too many kinky and strange habits, and we’re spoilt for choices between the clues we want to leave for you fans of our pinky elephants!

We’ve tried so hard to find song lyrics that would fit to each hint but alas! some of them led us to porn sites. We don’t want to cast away our decency do we? So pardon if some have songs and some aren’t – you can sing them in any melody you like.

  1. This one makes very good use of his camera, and loves to camwhore, as well as taking pictures of…. nekkid people! His cellphone is one we all hope he’ll drop on the streets someday. But we will have to disappoint everyone here that in the event that happens, all deli-cious pictures will be keep for our personal enjoyment keke!
  2. “Please Mister Postman, look and see If there’s a letter, a letter for me”
  3. “Got me all twisted with your lips like this so; Tell me, tell me are you gonna kiss; Kiss and tell” — aigoo, he stole a kiss and made that person cry
  4. “I’m bringing sexy back”
  5. Beef ragout, Cheese souffle, Pie and pudding ‘en flambe’; We’ll prepare and serve with flair a culinary cabaret!” — this guy can cook! but hates washing the dishes
  6. soompi’s “embarrassing” thread… need I say more? GUN on the loose!
  7. You’d definitely wish you have his waistline. Someone even said that putting one’s arms around this guy’s waist with eyes closed, feels like hugging a girl!
  8. “Eight maids a-milking” — he probably spends Christmas with them.

    and Wonderrrgirl (boohoo! me no pretty sign-off like yen & her pink elly!)

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    Small diversion from elephants to trolls

    Well, the title speaks for itself.

    We’ve been having fun with our elephants and also having fun reading the guesses from some of the readers who commented. Some are positively putting in a lot of effort to guess who they are, and penning it down as well, something which we all really appreciate, so thanks ^^

    However the same can’t be said for all, I guess. Some of you might have noticed a spammer who goes by the name of LadyinPink who have been leaving multiple comments (Goodness, don’t wherever you come from teach you how to combine things together into one?) in a desperate attempt to put us down.

    And yeah, I know what color Pink is, but I insist on banishing her to the ugly dull mud color instead.

    Seriously, I have a hard time understanding what LadyinPink is trying to get at. Sigh… must be my lousy and totally horrible Engrish!

    Or perhaps it’s just became none of us are capable of speaking troll.

    This gal who apparently believes she’s a ladee-in-pinky has been a huge STALKER of BB for years I believe…? She apparently managed to crawl her way over here thinking she’s fit to join in with our handsome pink elephants…!

    I’ve consulted our pink elephants and I’m pleased to say (*beams*) they’ve all snorted out loud with their trunks and are all ready to stomp her flat if she ever comes in again.

    Not that she’ll mind, I guess? She’s an anti-fan of BB afterall. Do you guys know that only popular people are capable of gathering Anti-fans in Korea? ^^

    And seems like yesterday, she declared her liking for…. me! *gasps!*

    I appreciate that you like wonderrrgirl (me) the most, but unfortunately I don’t like Trolls-in-Pink. How? :(

    And are you reallllllllyyyyyy sure you’re ladyinpink?
    You mean you wear something like this when you’re out on the streets? ^^

    Anyway, I hope the fact that I’ve dedicated an entire post to you will fulfill your hungry desires for attention from all of us, dear TrollinPink.

    And may I add that you are really free to reply in the language you’re most comfortable in – Chinese/mandarin/中文 instead of English Engrish? We will probably have a better time understanding your insults. And no worries about Yen, both BB and I are capable of translations.

    YEAH, just in case you can’t read between the lines, WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE FROM. *insert horror movie music here*

    Oh the wonderrrs of technology…. So this is really another message to anyone who has no life and are looking for people to throw meaningless insults anonymously; it’s possible to find out who you are. ^^

    Have a good day, everyone!

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    The B-type Elephant

    ahhh… i’m late, i’m late…!! my two pink elly partners have spoken and i still haven’t posted anything *guilty face*

    okie, first things first. QUIZ TIME! or if you like, we can call this a recap to check if you’ve actually learnt something from reading the earlier posts.

    Q: are there such things are pink elephants?

    A: save for the rather rare and unusual cases of albino elephants (yea, these have pinkish skin… or do they call ’em hide…?), there’s no such thing as pink elephants. instead, ‘seeing pink elephants’ is typically used to describe a situation whereby someone sees something that’s not actually there in reality, but exists only in their own imagination.

    and… more often than not, this condition is associated with someone being so drunk and intoxicated that he’s hallucinating that he’s ‘seeing pink elephants’.

    Q: so why are you called pink elephants?

    A: well, for one, they’re cute!!

    secondly, at least two-thirds of the three-happy-gals’ team like their (hic!) alcohol! and out of the four gorgeous korean men we’re gonna be waxing lyrical and drooling over on this blog, all FOUR like to drink too! so yea, they’re probably seeing lotsa pink elephants, including one another… which makes them all pink elephants too, keke!

    thirdly, due to the predictably irreverent posting that will take place here, we’ll like to put in a disclaimer that all posts are possibly done under the (hic!) ‘pink elephants syndrome’!

    and fifthly fourthly filthy fifthly (hic!), we’re gonna be ruling this place with lotsa attitooooooood and ain’t gonna be apologetic or anything boring like that, so be careful coz it’s gonna be no holds barred here!!

    oh, all readers are strongly encouraged to come read stuff here with a pinch of (hic!) lychee martini!

    Q: why are there SEVEN pink elephants?

    sighs… did you read THIS?

    there are THREE bloggers and there are FOUR boys involved… so 3 + 4 = 7.

    someone messed up (or did she just get drunk…?) and commented incoherently about the number of pink elephants and something else. me suggest that she go acquire some counting and reading comprehension. (or should i be telling her to improve on her alcohol tolerance, keke!) anyway, from the sound of things, she’s gonna be needing quite some years to brush up, an she can come back in, say, another seven years’ time to check if we’re still here.

    and oh, while i’m at it, let it be said we’ve only one general COMMENT POLICY.

    alrighty, now that the boring admin stuff’s outta the way, let me get down to some real blogging, YAY!

    WONDERRRGIRL has given you clues on THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL ELEPHANT, YEN has given you clues on THE GENIUS ELEPHANT, and my turn is to blog about the B-TYPE ELLY!

    did you watch the korean movie MY BOYFRIEND IS TYPE B? yea, the koreans (and japanese too, for that matter) believe quite abit on how a person’s blood type may determine his character and behaviour.

    i’ve long been fascinated by this topic and personally, am quite a big believer of YOU ARE WHAT YOU BLEED. you can read more of my ‘bloody’ ramblings HERE, HERE and HERE.

    this third pink (korean!) elephant that i’m supposed to be giving you hints about is a BLOOD TYPE B…!! in fact, he has been described by quite a few people as being a whole lot more B-type than the average B-type peeps, haha!

    anyway, here are some hints that may give you a clue of who he is (hic!)

    * ON SELF

    I do not like to go out much even when I’m free.

    I want to live going with the flow. Being free is the first element that makes me me.

    My ideal image of a man… is that a man should be elegant and have a sense of adventure. I want to live freely without being bound to something.

    Actually my real self is more of a thinker, worrying about lots of things and careful about things like that.

    I think everything of a man is made by our habits. I’m always thinking about this all the time that we design our lives by ourselves, right? I want to be a person who is better than what I was yesterday, a person who is not embarrassed when reflecting or looking back.

    * ON WORK

    This is what we are made of. Who are you to snub?

    I prefer to create what the audience can sympathize with, yet leave out a certain amount of my thoughts so that everyone can think their individual thoughts. And more than anything, it’s important that my work comes across as sincere.

    People often like to talk about how much effort and time they’ve spent preparing or working very hard on something. I do not like to show others the hard work behind the scene; instead, I want to show only with results.


    I love women in high heels.

    When I fall in love, I’ll be so into it… to the point of losing all reason.

    My ideal distance between me and my sweetheart… Hmmm, it depends on who I am dating. We are both independent individuals and should leave a certain amount of distance between us. This is my ideal type of relationship.

    My first kiss was in 7th grade near the Han River. It was a slight kiss on the lips and I did it coz I wanted to.


    Person A: My first impression of him was that he has the frankness of a man, and I still think he is a surprisingly mischievous person.

    Person B: You’re (surprisingly) feminine and delicate in your thoughts.

    * RANDOM

    He drinks and enjoys wine. He will sometimes drink with his friends or he may drink alone at home too. His limit or limit is one bottle for whiskey, and three to four bottles for wine. As for soju, it has been rumoured that he can tolerate up to seven bottles! He mostly gets quiet and emotional when drunk.

    He has (hidden!) abs…!!

    He used to sleepwalk when he was young.

    He writes poems. (*bb: whoa…!! he actually writes poems!!)

    He doesn’t have any peculiar sleeping habits, except that he likes to wear quite a few layers and/or wrap his hoodie around him really tightly when he sleeps.

    When asked about the weirdest or most embarrassing gifts he’s ever received from Japanese fans. This pink elephant had said, “I received an underwear that had an elephant trunk dangling off it! I didn’t know what to do… Whether I wore it or not is a secret.”

    well well well, that’s a whole looooong list of clues, ya?

    know what? as i was typing those out, it felt as though i was typing about myself!! yea, me a B-type too, and aigoo, this pink elly is jinjja jinjja jinjja similar to what i’m like! what’s even more strange is that we even have the same two favourite colours…!!

    yea, if we were really elephants, he and i seem to belong to the same (PINK!) type, keke!

    so now, can you guess who this B-type pink elephant is? *winks

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    The Genius Elephant

    It’s my turn to throw in the next elephant to the ring side. I don’t know much about him really, I’m so lazy at searching but from now on I will do my best to get to know him better. “I must! I must!”

    7 things I like (and hints) about this elephant:

    1. he doesn’t have a breast the size of a 12-year old girl like that other elephant (nyahahaha!). He may not have those chocolate abs ‘coz he said he’s lazy to go to the gym but that’s the type I like – makes him more huggable.
    2. the baritone voice – don’t you wanna listen to it while in bed?
    3. his long eyelashes – he said he likes them too. There’s another part of him that I like, but saying it now is a dead give-away.
    4. the way he makes use of his long and slender fingers (keep your head out of the gutter me dear) – he is just pure genius when it comes to music
    5. he doesn’t mind dating a noona! (raises my arm while jumping) as for the current girlfriend, I have already use my hair dryer to blow her to smithereens
    6. he has a love affair with food – I find it sexy watching him eat
    7. one word: English

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    The Extraterrestrial Elephant


    You’ve been teased several times earlier about pink elephants on your twitter timeline, haven’t you? In fact, I’ve been receiving some comments from friends asking if I’m okay….!

    That’s because… do you know? Pink elephant is apparently an euphemism for drunken hallucinations…! I swear we did not plan for this but keke, this seems to suit my two unnies very well; both would love a good drink anytime, any day!

    So anyway, because of this, some of my friends have been asking if I’m having hallucinations, even a friend as far away in Japan, who told me that is what her uncle used to say sometimes when he’s drunk (Yes…! That he is seeing Pink Elephants..!)

    Anyway, my purpose here today isn’t to talk about drunken hallucinations…keke!

    I supposed some of you have been trying to guess (or have already guessed?) who exactly are the pink elephants. One of the happy gals here, BB, has in fact revealed that 3 of these elephants are the three of us on her twitter account HERE!

    So the big question is, who are the other 4 mysterious pink elephants?

    Here I am, about to give all of you certain hints and clues about one of the pink elephants…!

    The hints and clues

    #1 This particular elephant has plenty of scars all over his body, yet none of these scars have diminish his exuding charisma in any way…. quite on the contrary, they’ve made our elephant hotter and more appealing somehow (haven’t they!? You’ll find out soon…!)

    #2 Even though our site name is called 7 pink elephants, this particular elephant will probably drown himself than decking out in pink outside. (He prefers to be in full black most of the time actually, but we no care! Pink is here to stay.)

    #3 Our elephant here is one tough one when we want to try waking him up in the morning…! It. Just. Refused. To. Wake.

    #4 Unique nekkid habits during bedtime…! #^.^#

    #5 I know elephants are known to have ultra rough and bristly skin (I should know! I’ve sat on one before… in the zoo! What were you thinking?), but this one here would have beaten the rest of the poor, rough-skinned elephants out there, hands down!

    #6 Really, number six is here purely because it’s number six.


    So….? Any good guesses? Stay tuned for more upcoming hints about the other pink elephants!

    Anyway, since I can’t show any photos yet of this elephant, I shall instead show you his….. slippers!

    Until then, I shall be off to play with my our elephant …..


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